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The hinge is the main component connecting the cabinet body and the cabinet door.In the usual use of the cabinet and door, the hinge is the most tested, so the quality of the hinge will greatly affect the overall quality of the cabinet.When you are looking for high-quality hinges, you will find Tendency(TDC) Hardware! - TDC

To meet all your hardware needs, we offer a large stock of products including continuous hinges, butt hinges, gas springs and more in a variety of materials and finishes. Through our automated inventory management and product replenishment systems, we can meet demanding schedules and delivery requirements.

Looking back on the hardships we have gone through, every step of TDC's growth is inseparable from your support and love.It is your trust that gives us the great motivation and courage to move forward.Therefore, we are proud to have customers like you.It is with a grateful heart that I would like to say thank you.

Provide customers with environmentally friendly building hardware hinge solutions, making people's living more green, harmonious and comfortable.