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3 1/2 Interior Door Hinges Satin Nicke | Matte Black

Taking photos with long-term buyers of door hinges

Our Story

This is the son of a kind and respectable old customer visiting and discussing cooperation matters. Thirty-two years ago, his father bought our high-quality hinges and has always recognized the quality of our products, so he sent his son to visit and cooperate with us for a long time.
We are also very grateful for the trust of our customers. We follow the principle of high-quality products, reputation first, and users are the source of enterprise development; we sincerely cooperate with them for a long time and continue to provide high-quality hinges. We are a professional door hinges manufacturer.
We have over 35-year experience in hardware industry. Since our establishment, we uphold the "professional focus, pioneering and enterprising" spirit and "Stable faith, Practical progress" business philosophy, with stable product quality and quality service, we earned much trust and praise of customers all around the world.
Inject quality, connect to the future, and connect you and me with the hinge as a medium.

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  • For starters,we use what we made.If it’s not pure steel material, it ruins your home.And we keep upgrading.Customers’ opinions and our own experience make upgraded products.Most importantly,customer first.Best user experience is our eternal pursuit.
  • Apart from the Amazon self-operated store, our hinges are the most popular sellers on Amazon, and have won the recognition and love of customers. You can also buy them in our Amazon store.
  • Each of our hinges is made of high-quality steel, which has a longer service life. We do not manufacture or sell defective products. Our promise: no defective products. Our quality is much higher than what you want, and our price is much lower than what you think.
  • We have our own overseas warehouse, and the delivery is fast. After you purchase our hinges, you will receive our products soon.
  • We can customize and produce hinges for you according to the specifications you need.
The quality is guaranteed, the price is more satisfactory, the hinge connects not only the door and the wall, but also us, we connect with our hearts!

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A hinge that has been used by an old customer for nearly thirty years

we are dedicated to our customers 24/7

If you want to know anything before buying our product(s) or have any other question, please send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours during working days.


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Hinges are the main components connecting the cabinet body and the cabinet door. In the usual use of cabinets, the most tested ones are the hinges, so the quality of the hinges will greatly affect the overall quality of the cabinets. There are basically three different installation methods for TDC hinges:
One: full cover (straight arm) The doors cover most of the cabinet side panels, but there are still gaps. The gap provided ensures that the door opens and closes smoothly
Two: half cover (middle bend) In this case, both doors share a side panel. The distance between the two doors is equal to the sum of the required minimum clearances. The coverage distance of each door is correspondingly reduced, requiring the use of a mid-swing arm hinge.

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Panel furniture is favored by consumers because of its non-deformable panels, diverse colors, and easy disassembly and assembly. And as long as you master some small skills, you can easily choose your favorite panel furniture to create a unique and warm living room.
Hardware connectors are the key
Hardware connectors are the most intuitive quality standard. Good hardware accessories should be free to switch, no noise, and no peeling of the surface coating. Some high-end locks for high-end furniture are imported, and foreign language signs can be found on them. The metal parts are required to be smart, smooth, with good surface electroplating treatment, without rust, burrs, etc. The precision of the matching parts should be high, and the open connectors should be flexibly rotated.

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People pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom, which leads to the same attention to the bathroom hardware pendant.
Bathroom hardware is generally divided into three components. That is, the base (fixed part), connecting parts, and functional parts; one side of the base is close to the wall or board, and this side is generally not surface-treated. You can basically know what material is used just by looking at its color; the connecting parts are basically surface-treated, and only the following methods can be used; most of the functional parts are mainly tubular and rod-shaped raw materials , If the tubular object, its inner wall can generally be seen. Due to the different specific gravity of the raw materials, the weights of objects with approximately the same volume are not the same (light materials go out).

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