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About Us

Who are we?

Tendency(TDC) Hardware is located in China's largest Hinge distribution center in Pinghu which got beautiful environment& Superior geographical position&convenient transportation(120 KMS to Shanghai Pudong Airport, 120 KMS to Shanghai seaport, 80 KMS to Ningbo seaport).

Pinghu TDC hardware focus on R D, manufacturing and sales of door hinge hardware such as Butt hinge, barrel hinge, T shape Hinge, Strap Hinge, Welding Hinge, Stainless steel hinge, Lift off hinge, Unique hinge, spring hinge, brass hinge etc. Products have expanded to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia about dozens of countries.

TDC hardware was established since 1987, after thirty years of arduous struggle, we has accumulated rich experience in production, and trained a group of professional and technical staff along with strong technical strength, strict management system, advanced detection means. There are 100 sets of various types of punching machines, more than 50 sets of pressure meter CNC lathes and more than 30 sets of supporting equipment.

Since our establishment, we uphold the "professional focus, pioneering and enterprising" spirit and "Stable faith, Practical progress" business philosophy, with stable product quality and quality service, we earned much trust and praise of customers all around the world.

Hereby, we sincerely hope all TDC friends can support us continiously. Based on close cooperation, mutual benefit, we believe we will create brighter wonderful future!

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Mission Statement

Our mission at TDCHINGES is to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices with prompt delivery, so that our customers can focus on what they can do best for their own customers.

With this mission in mind, the management and staff of TDCHINGES have adopted the following Quality Control Standards, Environmental Policy, and Labor Practices.

Quality Control Standards

Since the beginning of our corporate history, we have had this philosophy: it is BETTER to make our products right in the beginning and throughout all the processes THAN to correct defects at the end.

Standardized Products

We make standardized hardware, such as butt hinges, adjustable hinges, chain-guards, fasteners, flush bolts, patio door tandem rollers, sash locks, strike plates, surface bolts, tilt pins, viewers, according to American National Standards (ANS), using industry’ accepted standards in the metallic materials, hardness, sizes, dimensions, finishes, shapes, forms, and texture. Testing standards of ASTM B-117 is used to test our hardware’s resistance to corrosion.

Our standardized hardware’s specifications and finishes follow reputable companies of our industry, such as Baldwin, Stanley, Ashland, and G-U Hardware.

Custom-made Products.

We frequently custom-make products for our customers according to their respective specifications. These products may include extruded aluminum profiles, flush bolts, strike plates, thumbturns, tilt pins, screws, and others.

The customers’ specifications may include unique dimensions, materials, forms, shapes, colors or finishes, functions, texture, and other defining characteristics. We make products according to customers’ defined specifications, which are usually indicated by their respective drawings, or their samples, or both drawings and samples. We safe guard our customers’ proprietary designs, specifications, and drawings. We NEVER disclose proprietary materials to any unauthorized parties, except to trusted suppliers and our in-house engineers.

To add a new product in our product line, we make first articles (i.e., samples) according to a customer’s design and specifications. Then we submit these first articles to the customer for approval. After the customer approves the first articles, we then proceed with making the product. When one production process is completed, the product is then inspected by quality control engineers. Any defective product is either reworked or rejected for scraps. Only a product with the right specifications is allowed to go through the very next production stage. This quality control is repeated until the product go through all the necessary production stages and finishing cycles. The final product is inspected again by a team of engineers, quality control specialists before packaging and shipping. Upon receiving the product in our warehouses located in the United States, our quality control staff again inspects the product for any obvious or hidden damages, discoloration, and defectives. When all inspecting team members are confident that the product is made to its specifications, the product is allowed to be shipped to customers. Our production engineers and quality assurance team members are required to document any product defects, how the defects occurred, what steps were taken to rectify the defects, whether the defective products were reworked or scrapped. Each final product’s packaging box bears a label indicating a batch number (such as a purchase order number, or date of manufacturing).

With regards to aluminum profiles, each product is custom-extruded according to our customer’s drawings, and is subject to the stringent quality control outlined in the previous paragraph. If there is any anodizing (finish) to be done on an aluminum profile, the anodized product must match the customer-provided color spectrums or sample kits. Unless otherwise specified by customers, our aluminum profiles are made with 6063 alloy with T-5 Temper OR with a better alloy. Tolerances in extrusions, length, measures, and cuts must follow customers’ drawings. If customers do not provide tolerances, the standards of American Aluminum Association are complied with.

Environmental Policy

TDCHINGES seeks to protect the environments and encourages its suppliers to do the same, for the benefits of future generations. It requires suppliers to take measures to reduce pollution of air, water, and ground soil. It prohibits dumping of toxic chemicals.

TDCHINGES has instituted recycling programs. All bottles, cans, and waste paper at corporate facilities are to be recycled. In addition, TDC Hardware regularly uses clean, recycled cartons for packaging and shipping, thus saving trees and reducing trashes in dump-sites.

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Labor Practices

It is TDCHINGES’s corporate policy that all of its own factories and suppliers must comply with the decent working environment standards. This policy prohibits child-labor and “sweat shops.” All workers must be of 18 years or older, and are to be paid living wages in their respective local areas. Working environments at factories, stamping plants, plating facilities, extrusion plants, anodizing plants, packaging warehouses, etc. must be clean, well-lit, with adequate heating or cooling and air ventilation, free from fire and physical dangers. Tendency Hardware encourages its suppliers to follow the ISO9001 international manufacturing standards, and gives preferences to suppliers who have achieved the ISO 9001 status.